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Realistic Training

We place a strong emphasis on basic, intermediate and advanced first response medical training with our strategic medical service provider partners. Medicine In Tough Spaces (M.I.T.S) possesses the capacity to instruct in the most recent method of tactical combat casualty care (TCCC / TECC) and Emergency Pre-hospital Trauma Care (EPHTC). The latest knowledge on care under fire, tactical field care, emergency medicine and casualty evacuation is taught on these courses, which are instructed by emergency medical doctors , paramedics and tactical operations specialists . Together with the approved curriculum, M.I.T.S leverages its distinctive campus to present practical scenarios based on the didactic aspects of the class to emphasise the training principles.

All Requirements Are Reached

While operating in a semi-permissive or non-permissive setting, M.I.T.S training facilitators are available for all levels of education, from basic TCCC procedures to certified and advanced techniques. M.I.T.S also teaches Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and Tactical Emergency Care for Law Enforcement. While these courses cover the same material as TCCC, it is specifically designed for civilian and law enforcement. These classes are a must for tactical team officers and patrol officers alike. It will teach the skills necessary to save your teammate or partners life as well as your own.



Our cutting-edge campus offers lifelike immersive environments for training and practice in real-world medical rescue situations.


Whether you need role players and moulage, highly realistic mannequins, or sophisticated trauma training models, M.I.T.S has the solutions you need.


We have the experience and track record to provide the best medical rescue training possible thanks to our key personnel and subject-matter experts teaching cadre.


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